What are Ranked Orders? 

As one of the newly added features of DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUT, this mode allows players from around the world to come together to encourage and enhance each other’s skills as a porter.  

The mission contents are updated weekly, and the current mission contents can be found in the "Ranked Order" section of the cufflink. Participating players will receive rewards according to their rank at the end of the event period. 

Weekly Event Period
Starting every Tuesday at: 2AM (JST) / 6PM (GMT) / 1PM (EDT) / 10AM PDT 
Ending the following Tuesday at: 1AM (JST) / 5PM (GMT) / 12PM (EDT) / 9AM PDT    

*You can try as many times as you like within this period. 
*Mission content differs between the PS5 and PC versions. 


The Missions

Missions eligible for ranking are divided into four types, each with a different location for participation.
The missions will become available as you progress through the story. 


Ranked Orders_01

The key here is to see how quickly and safely you can complete a delivery mission under special restrictions! Knowledge of structures and equipment, as well as your ability to think outside the box, will be tested.  

[How to participate]
You can participate by selecting “Ranked Order” from a delivery terminal. 



Ranked Orders_02

Re-experience the nightmares of bosses and battles from the past! The key to a high ranking is to avoid damage by the enemy. 

[How to participate]
In the private room, select "Examine Figures → View Nightmares and Memories → Ranked Nightmares" to participate. 



Ranked Orders_03

Overcome various situations using designated weapons and equipment!  
For each ranked drill, there are bonuses that can be obtained by performing certain actions. By working them into your strategy, you can aim for a higher score.

[How to participate]
You can participate by selecting “Ranked Drill” at the terminal in the Firing Range. The Firing Range can be accessed by selecting "Private Room/Firing Range" from a delivery terminal. 



Ranked Orders_04

Compete in time trails using designated vehicles and courses! You’ll need quick judgment for making turns, managing battery level, and timing the boost. Practice will help you get a feel for it! And don’t worry: all vehicles will be provided for you at the racetrack. 

[How to participate]
You can participate by selecting “Ranked Race” from the terminal which you can access by completing the construction of the racetrack. 

*The racetrack will become available after Episode 3; you must access the designated terminal and select “Rebuild Racetrack.”


Ranked Orders_05
Ranked Orders_05_mobile

After the event period, players who participated in Ranked Orders will receive rewards according to their rank in each mission! 
Players who perform well will receive a special BANNER that can be displayed on Bridge Links, as well as MEDALS that can be displayed on the Porter Grade and MATERIALS that can be used to fabricate equipment or structures.
Rewards vary for each mission, so be sure to check the "Ranked Orders" on your cufflink in advance!

Ranked Orders are designed to help you grow as a porter. We hope you’ll continue to challenge your own records to reach new heights as a legendary porter! 


DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

PlayStation 5

PC versions
 STEAM: https://505.games/SteamDSDCLaunch  
 EPIC: https://505.games/EpicDSDCLaunch 

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